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A Taste of Our Process

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We support you in taking your dreams all the way...


We believe if you can dream it, you can do it. We look at the big picture of where you are headed 


Our process begins with a clarity session develop your timeline, budget, and strategy.


The creative process is where we can fully dive deep into your style, brand, and building a lasting impact. 


We will be there celebrating with you as you put your finished and complete project out into the world.


Meet Ashley Kulik

Founder, Lead Designer, & Creative Consultant of Tastemaker 

My journey as a creative started 8 years ago, when I first discovered the world of entrepreneurship. At first I had big dreams, but quickly became disheartened when I didn't have the tools or money to actualize them. So I decided to equip myself by learning digital design and development. I have been in the pursuit of perfecting the balance between writing, art, strategy, and technology.

In 2013, I studied with world class mentors at Watson Institute of Entrepreneurship to support social entrepreneurs to build sustainable business models around their services and raise capitol. I have been blessed to work with incredible change makers and young people in launching over 55 brands as a creative consultant. My training at professional design agencies in LA as well working on event marketing campaigns for artists such as Snoop Dogg, Akon, Paul Oakenfold, and more has given me the foundation for starting Tastemaker. As an artist myself, my mission is to help empower the rise of independent creators that will ultimately transform our culture for the better.


My wish is for all of us to be sovereign creators with the freedom to choose how we create our lives. I invite you to reach out to me personally, I look forward to creating with you!

Ashley Kulik

Whatsapp: (410)-960-6680

Email: ashleymkulik@gmail.com

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